Three prop poker bets that will blow your mind!

Poker lovers often want a change and play something out of the ordinary once in a while. They often set or take up an impossible-seeming task while putting a large amount of money on the line. In the world of gambling, these types of bets are known as a proposition or prop bets.

This is the best thing about betting! It isn’t just limited to the best casinos online and offline.

You can actually place a bet on anything that seems impossible, as it is up to the person taking the bet to worry about completing it. However, the task mustn’t be entirely impossible for it to be a genuine prop bet. You just need to bet that the person taking up the task can’t do it.

Over the years, the gambling world has seen some amazingly entertaining, dangerous and crazy prop bets that often include some famous individuals as well.

Here are three of the craziest prop bets that would certainly blow your mind away!

Antonio Esfandiari – The longest lunge bet

Also known as The Magician, Antonio Esfandiari has never been someone to turn away from a bet. On the contrary, he’s usually the one who takes things up a notch by adding some co-curricular activities to a bet.

Besides, in 2016, Antonio took up a rather crazy bet from billionaire Bill Perkins. He accepted to move on by making lunges for 48 hours during his participation in the PCA Main Event. Perkins put up a $50,000 reward, and The Magician quite readily accepted it.

While it was all done in good faith and was fun for Antonio for a couple of hours at the beginning, moving only by doing lunges isn’t a piece of cake. By the end of the day, he was so sore that he couldn’t even walk to go to the washroom.

But then he pulled off a stunt and shocked the public!

Rather than going to the washroom, Antonio relieved himself in a bottle under the table. The tournament officials weren’t entirely happy with his behaviour, which quickly led to his disqualification.

However, Antonio did manage to win his bet with Bill Perkins.

According to sources, Antonio made a public apology to make up for his stunt at the event and gave the entire $50,000 to charity.

Matt and Jaime Staples – Gambling on weight gain

Another prop bet, including Bill Perkins, saw him offering 50 to 1 on a bet against Matt and Jaime Staples.

The bet required the poker playing and streaming brothers to reach the same weight within one year. Perkins gladly put up $150,000 against the brothers’ bet of $3,000.

While Bill loves to bet on almost anything, this particular prop bet wasn’t financial by any means.

On the contrary, he wanted to motivate Jaime, who weighed about 304 pounds (138 kg), to lose some weight. Besides, Matt was just 135 pounds (61 kg), and this would motivate him to work on himself as well.

While it was inarguably a difficult one to pull off, the brother duo managed to pull it off and, when needed, weighed slightly above 188 pounds (85 kg).

While the bet saw Jaime lose 115.7 pounds, Matt gained an admirable 53.3 pounds!

It all came to an end when Bill was happy to end the bet, while Jaime was over the moon for pulling off the impossible.

Dan Bilzerian – The cycling bet from Sin City to Big Orange

Another man who doesn’t walk away from a challenge is Dan Bilzerian. While he loves to bet on casino tables, Dan has had his share of prop bets as well.

Although he has pulled off some miraculous feats, the 300-mile cycling bet of 2016 definitely makes it to our list of the best prop bets!

For the bet, Bilzerian had stated that he could ride his bike from Las Vegas to Los Angeles in just 48 hours. Quite amazingly, he managed to pull it off and won a whopping $1,200,000!

Perkins was sure that Dan wouldn’t be able to pull this off, as he hadn’t ridden a bike in almost 18 years! But once the bet was set in place, Bilzerian became quite serious and convinced cycling champion, Lance Armstrong, to coach him in exchange for a donation of $25,000 to Armstrong’s charity. Besides, he also had to spend $100,000 on training and equipment before he managed to pedal all the way to Big Orange.

That’s not it! Rick Salomon, another wealthy celebrity who wanted a piece of the action, placed $250,000 on the line in exchange for Bilzerian’s private jet. However, Rick would only win if Bilzerian were to die or go “brain dead” during the bet. We’re still wondering if Rick was really cheering for himself here.


Prop bets explain that poker isn’t the only place gambling-lovers like to limit themselves to. The random and, often, spontaneous challenges seem to keep up the thrill and give people a chance to enjoy something new.