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I used to hate writing, particularly at school. I didn’t quite see the point in writing essays or lengthy projects and found the entire process rather pointless. Sitting down in front of a blank page was certainly not one of the ways I would have chosen to spend a few hours. When I discovered some kickass blogs I realized that when you write about something you love, writing takes on a life of its own.

At that point, I knew so much about technology, had my website and including a blog soon became the ultimate no-brainer. I wrote tons of blog posts, shared them extensively on social media and made everyone I knew share them too. My following grew quite quickly, probably because there aren’t that many blogs written by teenagers.

What I would like to invite you to do is to submit a guest post for publication here. I don’t always have the time to update my blog on a daily basis and need guest bloggers all the time. You’d also be doing yourself a favor, you never know where guest blogging here might take you.

To submit a post, please run an idea by me in the contact form below.

What You Can Blog About

Let me start by outlining the topics I cover on my blog. You’ll soon see that there really are no restrictions. Even if you want to write about a subject not listed below, you’ll probably still be published here. Take a look at the following list and see if anything grabs your attention:

  • Beauty and Makeup
  • Blogging
  • Education
  • Music
  • Photography
  • Software News
  • Android Apps
  • iOS Apps
  • PC Soft
  • The World Wide Web
  • Social Media
  • Traveling
  • Video Games
  • PC Games
  • PS, Xbox, Other Consoles

Titles can be tricky to pen, take a look at the following sample titles:

  • Best Cooking Apps
  • Staying Connected When Traveling
  • iOS v Android – Pros and Cons of Both

Blogging – The Ultimate Door-Opener

If you had told me how many doors blogging would open for me, I wouldn’t have believed you. I can honestly say that setting up this website and including a blog kick-started my tech career and has since provided me with a great income. Blogging doesn’t just have financial benefits. In the process, you climb an ultra-steep learning curve by doing lots of research, reading other blogs, and having discussions with people online.

Good writers are always needed, particularly now that every business has a blog. Soon after reaching a sizable subscriber number, I was flooded with requests for advertising space, affiliate links, reviews, and guest submissions to other websites. It’s not even that I think I am an outstanding writer or super-smart blogger, I’m sure there are much better people out there. What I am, though, is persistent and ambitious. I’ve worked hard, written over 1000 blog posts and shared, shared, shared, and shared, again and again.

That’s all you need to do. Get your writing out there and share it in as many places as you possibly can. The rest will follow.

I also know how important it is to get published on well-read websites. When you do, people sooner or later take note and seek you out. It’s also important to write unique content, strong informative material that will make people share your stuff.

Undoubtedly, anyone with the will, persistence, and work ethic can become a professional blogger quite easily, provided you love writing. Writing about something you are passionate about is easy, you should try it. The words just flow, and you care enough to turn it into strong content. It’s that simple.

Kickstart or Enhance Your Writing Career with a Guest Post Publication Here

If you fancy giving blogging a try, take this publishing opportunity. Your post will be read by my many thousand readers who will gladly share it even further. You’ll establish yourself as a writer and can skyrocket your blogging career within weeks. I will publish your photo and bio, publish links to your blog. Throughout the collaboration, I will let you in on all my savvy blogging knowledge and by the time your post is published you’ll be equipped with all the inside knowledge on becoming a well-earning blogger.

For well-renowned bloggers, this is a chance to reach a few thousand more readers. I will promote your blog, and you can promote mine, we both win.

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