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Having a strong online following is fantastic. I love being contacted by random strangers from all corners of the world. Firstly, I can share what I know or help them out in some way, and secondly, I can learn something new from them. By now, I have been contacted by thousands of people and every time, I enjoy the chat and discussion about tech stuff. A lot of the time, a lengthy discussion kicks off, particularly through comments on my blog.

I love replying to critical or negative comments. People are usually surprised and taken aback when you are able to give as good as you got. I would certainly never be intimidated by negative comments. I know my tech stuff, and if someone doesn’t like it, well, that’s their problem, not mine.

Naturally, I also get lots of interesting comments that have lead to interesting exchanges. Ultimately, I love hearing from people, and if you’d like to get in touch, fill in the contact form at the end of this section.

10 Great Reasons for Getting in Touch

  1. Gamers: If you are one of the many gamers, please get in touch with questions or tips. Also fill me in on you YouTube gaming channel, I will definitely check it out. You can also get in touch if you’ve discovered a new game or have insider knowledge of an upcoming launch. Those promoting gaming cons, can also have me promote the event on this website.
  2. App Seekers: I am an app expert and can help you find the kind of app you are looking for. My knowledge of android and iPhone apps is extensive, and I like pointing people in the right direction.
  3. Device Advice: I can also provide you with advice on the various smartphones, laptops, PC, and other gadgets. Most of them I’ve had the chance to test, some of them I’ve reviewed and by now, I know what devices are good and which one you are better off avoiding.
  4. Tech Tipsters: Please share your tech tips with us, and if you’ve made a how-to video it’s even better, I will upload it here and share it with my many thousand readers. They will know you as an expert and will probably end up looking for your website online.
  5. Expert & Wannabe Bloggers: You can get published on this website! Find out more on the “Submit your Guest Post” page or simply get in touch straightaway. Publication opportunities are not always easy to come by, so I suggest you grab this one.
  6. Developers: If you are developing a game, program, or app and need some pre-launch testers, you’ve come to the right place. I love testing tech stuff before its official launch and will give you my expert take on your product.
  7. Reviews: I publish product reviews on a regular basis, including game, app, device, and program reviews. By having a review published here, you expose your product to many thousand people who may not necessarily have known about your product otherwise.
  8. Software Doctors: If you are versed in software and solving software issue, please let me know. Many of my readers come to me for help and I would be delighted to pass them on to you and raise your profile as a software expert.
  9. Media Inquiries: If you would like to write a guest post about technology for your publication, please get in touch. Radio and TV inquiries are also welcome. So, to become a contributor, get in touch to recieve my guidelines for a guest post.
  10. Random Inquiries: Just get in touch, regardless what the issue.